Developing a Learning Strategy

Put your Learner at the Centre

The key to developing any corporate-learning strategy is

to understand the relationships between the corporate

goals and the people who are accountable for the results.

 Structuring Your Strategy

If you ignore an effective and structured learner-focused, learning strategy, with realistic opportunities for implementation, do so at their peril

The Importance of Being Goal-Driven
Short-Term Versus Long-Term Business Goals
Assessing Needs
Legislative Requirements
The Key to Successful Implementation
Measure! Measure! Measure!

As more and more organisations focus on return on investment, developing an effective development and learning strategy has never been more important.

But what are the key pointers to developing a learning strategy where organisational, functional and individuals’ learning goals are all aligned for the good of the organisation? What measures need to be taken to ensure successful implementation?

In this article, I will examine what I believe to be the central tenets which underpin a successful learning strategy. While some consider a strategy as providing a broad-brush statement of intent for the organisation, I intend to drill down to look at some of the learning activities which underpin a strategy as well as the all important implementation.

Firstly, I will look at the importance of putting a structure in place for your learning strategy, the importance of being goal-driven and differentiating between short-term and long-term goals, and the need to accurately determine what the learning needs are.

Secondly, I will assess the importance of developing a strategy from the learner viewpoint where the learners – the organisation’s employees – are at the centre of the strategy.

And finally, I will examine some of the key elements of a successful, implemented strategy from the importance of focusing on outputs through to budgets, measurement mechanisms and the role of senior management.

The net result will be an effective strategy that when customised appropriately can underpin all learning and development and can be successfully implemented.